Adelya modernises the community loyalty program of the Valley of Munster

ADELYA, the expert society in customer relationship management, has been chosen by GRECO (Association of independent traders of the Valley of Munster) to modernize its community loyalty system.

Munster is a place of convergence where the business has been able to develop and to hold its diversity. Still today, it is mainly composed of independent retailers. GRECO is one of the first association in France which set up a community loyalty program, among the companies in this territory which counts 16 municipalities and 16 000 inhabitants.

Since 1998, the Association gathers professionals of commerce, services, handicraft, hotel trade and restauration fields. With its 120 members, the Association has set up a community loyalty system based on the delivery of stamps available to customers at the time of their purchases. This method has enabled them for almost 40 years to reward the loyalty of consumers.

Facing with changes in consumption habits of the inhabitants of the Valley of Munster, a study driven by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry alerted local officials about the dangers of such evasion and irreversible weakening of the local businesses that would ensue. The councillor then studied how he could help its local companies. The results of this reflection led to a modernization of trade and crafts businesses in their territory.

Integrate new technologies in the program to sustain local businesses

The Communauté de Communes has defined a strategy of modernization of points of sale and consumers reconquest. The record received a favorable opinion from the FISAC (Intervention Fund for Services, Crafts and Trade) in February 2016.

One of the recommended actions was to evolve the existing loyalty system, incorporating new technologies and improving its principle. After analyzing the various existing solutions on the market, the choice fell on ADELYA’s proposal.

« The implementation of the community loyalty card is the result of the will of the elected members. We are aware of the economic and social issues of the sustainability of local businesses, and the impact this may have on the tourism attractiveness.

The association of merchants and artisans bring together this action of modernization of loyalty tool.We are deeply convinced of this need for change and that companies and their clients will both take advantage of this evolution. By adhering to this loyalty tool, they all contribute to keep an offer of proximity, quality and service, but also to perpetuate the activity and local employment », reported Claude Boeschlin, President of the GREGO.

Specialisted in loyalty and customer relationship, Adelya conceived “Loyalty Operator” to provide retailers a greater flexibility in managing customer relationship and loyalty programs. Thanks to Loyalty Operator, retailers have at their disposal digital technologies used by large companies to retain and attract new consumers but also to modernize their customer database.

This web platform will provide retailers of the Valley of Munster all analyzes needed to characterize consumer behavior, to animate customer relationship with targeted communications (SMS, emailing), in order to strengthen nearby consumption.

« Facing with the power of digital tools developed by shopping centers and supermarkets, independent shops are often powerless. Our global solution will modernize the Loyalty Program of the Valley of Munster and provide tools for them to communicate, interact and reward their customers in real time. They can then develop the toolbox according to their needs as part of a total control over their costs », explains Jean-François Novak, ADELYA’s CEO.

The new community loyalty card of the GRECO will be launched in autumn 2016.

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