ADELYA unveils Loyalty Operator for Android, its new retail loyalty application

With Loyalty Operator now available on the Android Market, ADELYA is offering retailers enhanced customer interaction using an Android tablet or smartphone—and a new step forward in customer relationships.
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Toulouse, France, September 29th 2011 – ADELYA, a leading software company specialized in contactless and mobile loyalty and marketing services, announces today the immediate release of Loyalty Operator for Android. ADELYA’s loyalty and customer interaction application now runs on Android tablets and smartphones.

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ADELYA adds agility, interaction and intimacy to retail customer relationships with its Loyalty Operator for Android application. Using Android tablets or smartphones, retailers large and small can instantly add loyalty points, burn a coupon or capture new customers. No need for sophisticated PCs, a mouse or wires—with Loyalty Operator, a tablet, WiFi or 3G, customer interaction is a given.

A pioneer in NFC technologies for the retail market, ADELYA has succeeded in making all Android tablets interact with an NFC reader. The end result: consumers at the point of sale can tag their NFC phones or contactless cards directly on the Android tablet to be automatically identified and benefit from loyalty advantages. Loyalty Operator for Android thus promotes card-free loyalty.

“Our vision is centered around customer loyalty bundled with NFC technology. With our Android application, we offer customers a loyalty platform that is easy to use, innovative and fast,” said ADELYA CEO Jean-François Novak. “Loyalty Operator for Android is a true retail weapon to secure and capture customers. It is also a new way to manage customer interaction for itinerant trade. For example, it becomes cheap, fast and easy for the pizza truck around your street to use its Android tablets to give out loyalty points (to any pizza fan).”

Loyalty Operator for Android is a point-of-sale application for managing customer loyalty in real time. It operates seamlessly with the Loyalty Operator platform, which manages (the loyalty and customer program including) loyalty programs, marketing campaigns (emailing, text messaging and social networks), couponing and deals, private sales, gift cards, quizzes and polls, statistics and analysis…

Loyalty Operator for Android is available today at ADELYA and retailers, and soon on the Android Market.

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