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Adelya selected to develop Cityzi Fid, a web and mobile loyalty wallet

Cityzi Fid empowers consumers with a mobile loyalty wallet for Cityzi mobile phones or any other smartphones.

Toulouse, September 13 2012, ADELYA, a software company specializing in NFC loyalty and customer engagement solutions, announced today that ORANGE has selected it to develop Cityzi Fid, a mobile loyalty wallet incorporating NFC technology.

The Cityzi Fid wallet brings together all the loyalty and coupon offers of your favorite stores directly on a Cityzi phone or smartphone, simplifying the way you shop as you say goodbye to a bulging wallet full of cards. Cityzi Fid gives local retailers the marketing punch to increase in-store traffic and boost revenues, meaning more visibility, more visits and more revenues. The mobile channel transforms the customer relationship.

The loyalty market is booming: each French consumer holds 9 loyalty cards on average. A mobile loyalty wallet brings instant benefits: your loyalty card is on your phone, you never forget it, it is easy to use, and you get real-time interaction with your favorite stores. For this reason, ADELYA has been selected to conceive Cityzi Fid, a mobile loyalty wallet for all Cityzi phones and smartphones.

Cityzi Fid: increased customer engagement at the point of sale

If you are a consumer: All you need is to tap your mobile phone on the NFC reader in store to instantly get rewards.

The application offers endless possibilities: locate stores and deals, keep all your loyalty cards inside one wallet, gain real-time visibility of loyalty rewards, gather, use and manage your deals easily, and share with your friends. In other words, unlimited value at the point of sale.

If you are a retailer: You engage customers at every step of the shopping experience. You are present on their mobile phone, in store and on the web. You can offer customers personalized offers at the right time, directly on their phone, which has a direct impact on your revenues. In so doing, you give every customer what they are looking for: more savings and more value when shopping.

We made it. After a few years deploying NFC technology at point of sale, our retail customers can now offer their shoppers mobile loyalty cards. Built around NFC technology promoted by French MNOs, Cityzi Fid will soon be the loyalty wallet on the French market. The mobile is becoming the unique ID,” said Jean-François Novak, ADELYA’s CEO.

ADELYA and Orange Business Services will be the first partners to offer Cityzi Fid to retailers and independent stores. All ADELYA and/or Orange Business Services’ customers using their loyalty and customer engagement solutions will be able to publish their store information, deals and offers, as well as rewards on Cityzi Fid wallets, translating into more mobile and web visibility among their shopper community. Cityzi Fid will be available on all Cityzi mobile phones from Bouygues Telecom, NRJ Mobile, Orange and SFR.

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