Adelya launches the loyalty card “Com’une” in Masevaux

The Association of Tradesmen and Artisans of Masevaux and the valley of Doller called on ADELYA's services for the deployment of the loyalty card "Com'une".
Bannière carte fidélité Masevaux

A card to unite the commercial activity of Masevaux

Eric Bianchi, the President of the Traders, sums up well the reason of this initiative : « Alone we go faster; together we go further. » Since several years traders and artisans of Masevaux wanted to create a strategy for collective action. A project now achieved and whose goal is to federate the commercial activity to add value to customers.

The loyalty card is free and sponsored by Adam Boissons and Glantzmann Transports. To get the card customers just have to ask a retailer of the network. For now, 7 retailers adopted the card : Adam boissons, the restaurant Club Menu, Eric Bianchi photographe, Espace Buro, Garage Hirth, GK Déclic mode, and the restaurant L’Harmonie.

The feedback is already positif since on the 1000 produced cards, 300 are in circulation (The town of Masevaux counts 3 300 inhabitants). The card’s owners will be able to check the amount of their loyalty points on the website and will be informed when a new merchant join the network.

A card to incite to consum local

Christian Blind, the Honorary President, welcomed this initiative. With this very first positive return, he continues to campaign so that other traders join the network : the more there will be adherents, the more residents will be inclined to use the card. This territorial loyalty program will counter the competition of e-commerce, hypermarkets, and encourage people to consum local.

With this marketing strategy, citizens become involved in local life and enjoy the benefits as and when they consume in partner shops.

Adelya congratulates this operation which highlights once again the capacity of innovation of local shops by implementing a strategy of collective action.

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