The French City-Center Retail Federation (FNCV) recommends ADELYA Loyalty Solution to its 150 retail unions.

ADELYA enlarges its footprint in city centers by partnering with a major retail organization in France.
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Toulouse, France, December 4th, 2012, ADELYA, a software company specializing in NFC loyalty and customer engagement solutions, announced today an agreement with the French National City-center Retail Federation – FNCV « Les Vitrines de France », a major player in city-center shopping in France.

Making city-center shopping more attractive

FNCV, the French national retail federation, helps over 150 city-center retail unions enhance and favor their sales activities. FNCV has selected ADELYA as an approved loyalty and customer engagement partner. The main objective is to boost the attractiveness of stores located in city centers and entice consumers to buy local at their favorite stores. All 150 FNCV retail union members will benefit from special loyalty packages together with personalized support from FNCV and ADELYA.

“The multistore loyalty program is a key concern of all our members. It is critical for local stores to join forces and engage their customers in an intimate relationship to rival with big retail chains.” explains Jean-Pierre Lehmann, FNCV’s President. “ADELYA leads the loyalty game in France with a Loyalty Solution able to match multistore and individual programs and deliver a mobile loyalty wallet. On top of that, ADELYA’s solution brings our members NFC contactless technologies, opening up new mobile usages. ADELYA is the choice of Bayonne, Marseille, Nice and Parthenay. We are pleased to partner with ADELYA to bring our members the marketing punch they need.”

Customer engagement in city centers

With an all-in-one customer engagement platform, retail federation teams have everything they need to hand: store locator, customer management, multistore loyalty program, multichannel marketing campaigns, customer surveys and polls, deals and offers, private sales, statistics and reporting. It’s easy to launch a deal platform together with a multistore loyalty card. And visibility on the web and smartphones is guaranteed. ADELYA solutions are available on “Cityzi” (NFC) mobile phones.

“This partnership with FNCV, a major French retail federation, confirms the excellent fit between ADELYA’s customer engagement solution and retail unions,” adds Jean-François Novak, ADELYA CEO. “This agreement is a great opportunity to accelerate our development in city centers. FNCV will recommend ADELYA nationwide and we will benefit from an enlarged ecosystem for continuously enhanced product innovation.”

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