The contactless CITY PASS: the secret boot of the Tourism Offices

Adelya, a specialist in boosting territories and partners of Tourist Offices, is offering a packaged solution for the easy creation and management of City Passes. A veritable actor in the invigoration of cities and touristic sites, the City Pass designed by Adelya allows Tourist Offices to transform the experiences of visitors. A concept and a solution that unifies and creates value for territories.

What is a CITY PASS?

The City Pass has become a “must-have” and is increasingly being used by Tourist Offices to boost traffic in heritage sites. A well designed and well managed City Pass is proving to be a major asset in the promotion of heritage sites and in the generation of revenues.

The City Pass, also called a Tourist Pass, packages deals and experiences in a single product sold to visitors. Gratuities, gifts, special offers, the City Pass offers their holders preferential access to heritage sites of the city as well as a network of local merchants – having the tourist visit more and consume more.

Why a City Pass?

A City Pass sends a positive message to the public, conveying an image of a dynamic and modern city (depending on the technology used for the Pass), one that is welcoming and active in promoting its heritage.

A well designed City Pass also provides more security against fraud, and provides a system that facilitates logistics and information exchange, as well as reimbursement management for service partners.

A City Pass, how does it work?

Adelya proposes a solution specialized in the establishment of Tourist Passes in territories, a solution that is powerful and yet simple to implement. Functionally richer, more secure, the City Passes managed by ADELYA are easier to distribute to tourists and even to professionals (Congress Pass).


– Possibility to create various types Passes adapted to the profile of your visitors (children/adults, pleasure/business, etc.), with or without transport included

– Wide-scale distribution, with the possibility choose the most convenient means of identification (NFC, QR Code, etc.), through direct sales or through a network of resellers who may or may not be equipment with the solution

– Allows easy management of relationship with partners : monitoring of services in real time, and simplification of reimbursement processes

– Provides data on customer behavior, and the possibility to communicate to tourists, to send them special offers and encourage them to come back and visit again

Thanks to its simplicity of installation and of use (the solution is a SaaS platform), the Adelya solution is adapted to cities and territories of all sizes. Depending on specific needs, a project could be launched in just a few weeks. With pricing is based on volume, Tourist Offices could really find that Adelya proposes a tool completely adapted to their needs. The following case studies demonstrate Adelya’s capacity to answer the needs of Tourist Offices:


“The City Pass, a practical bouquet of services for visitors, contributes to the attractiveness and innovative image of our territory. The call for projects “Marseille Métropole NFC” is an opportunity to support innovation, practical for tourism, culture and business. As part of the redesign of our City Pass, we have chosen Adelya as our provider in 2011.

Following the success of the project and the City Pass, we developed new components to:

• Extend the services and benefits proposed in the City Pass

• Increase distribution

• Produce tailored Passes for conventions, and à-la-carte type City Passes (for cruise passengers)

Using an interoperable technology with various systems such as MuCEM or other service operators, we have opened numerous possibilities which may eventually extend to the daily lives of the people of Marseilles.

Adelya has always been very thorough and fulfils all of its responsibilities. From the availability of its team (project leaders, technical support …), to providing opportunities for further developments. These are major assets for our projects.” (Benedict Giraud, OTCM)


“In 2013, when we were deliberating on the implementation of contactless (NFC) technology in Toulouse, the tourist office chose the solution proposed by Adelya. In addition to their successful experience in the deployment of CityCards in Marseille, the quality of their back office platform and how rapidly they could roll out in Toulouse convinced us. Management of resellers (status of stocks at real time), automatique generation of statistics (mapping of customer journey, sales per channel, management of stocks, etc.), and the CRM system (e-mailings, questionnaires, etc.) complete this multi-faceted solution. The availability of Adelya’s team was also a major factor at the time our deliberations.” (Benedict AUVRAY, SO Toulouse Tourist Office)

city pass


“The Nice Tourism and Convention Office launched the “French Riviera Pass®” in June 2008, and has modernized it this year as part of the Nice Digital City initiative, adapting it to NFC technology. With a very original set of project specifications based on our own experiences, Adelya won the bid. On July 1, 2014, we delved right into tourist season without a glitch! Our collaboration with Adelya has been very successful and completely in line with our expectations. Two months after the launch, we can say that their after-sales service is also very reliable.” (Eddie Fillia, OTCN)

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