Adelya One Platform, All the Tools

Loyalty Operator is a set of customisable packages brought together on a single platform,
which will surprise your customers both online and at the retail outlet.


By bringing together the latest technologies and making them accessible to all, our solution will make your day-to-day life easier while surprising your customers. Whether you are an independent retailer, a big-box retailer, a commercial organisation, a shopping centre or a tourism office, take advantage of the power of the Web, the convenience of mobile and the simplicity of contactless technology.

No need to combine multiple different tools as you have an all-in-one solution that saves you money, while having equal functionality. ADELYA Loyalty Operator is cheaper than any emailing solution. Furthermore, you have access to other promotional tools to maintain your relationship with consumers!

All in one loyalty solution
« A robust, proven and scalable loyalty solution! ! »


Loyalty Operator vous offre toutes les fonctions nécessaires pour fidéliser et animer votre clientèle

A robust and scalable platform

Unlike specific software development that will take time to design and stabilise, Loyalty Operator is a shared software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that is immediately available. This rich and solid architecture combined with the responsiveness of the ADELYA teams makes it possible to benefit from a powerful solution with the best feature-to-price ratio and a highly accessible implementation budget.

The ADELYA R&D team is committed to upgrading products on an ongoing bases, and to the perfecting of a product that is upgraded three times a year. Thanks to the pooling of resources, our customers benefit from these new features at no extra cost!

Simple and fast deployment with no cumbersome installation

It is precisely the Cloud which ensures that the complexity of an in-store deployment is avoided. You can access the Loyalty Operator platform from a simple Internet browser, without any cumbersome installation on your computer.

Once open, the Loyalty Operator platform naturally interfaces with all the electronic equipment at the retail outlet, including handhelds, scanners, NFC and other readers, IP payment terminals, NFC tablets and NFC smartphones. The choice of equipment is studied prior to the deployment of the solution in order for it to best fit your context.

With multi-media (contactless, 1D code, 2D code, digital) and multi-screen (PC, cash register system, tablet, smartphone) capabilities, Loyalty Operator offers your users relevant solutions whatever your environment, and whether it is homogeneous or not.

Le déploiement d'ADELYA est facile
Loyalty Operator, la fidélisation en mode SaaS (Software as a Service)

Configuration logic

Loyalty Operator follows a configuration logic, that is to say, it models your needs and enables you to manage the variety of equipment, the rights of users, your data and your specific rules, analyses and statistics, etc., based on your market.


Customised to your business, modelled on your organisation and integrated into your environment

Une fidélité à votre image

A programme that fits you

  • Tailormade and multilingual
  • Single- or multi-brand
  • Omnichannel for the entire customer journey
  • Integrable with your systems

Loyalty Operator vous apporte la sérénité

Operational peace of mind

  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Supported by an experienced team

La solution de fidélisation au meilleur rapport fonctionnalités/prix

A return on investment

  • Unbeatable feature-to-price ratio
  • Evolving platform (3 times a year)
  • Unlimited users, managed customers and emails sent