Adelya Connect ADELYA to any system

A flexible and powerful programming interface that can be synchronised with your business tools

Robust, proven APIs

Loyalty Operator is a flexible platform: thanks to the API interface, you can use all its functions on your existing systems. This flexibility means you don’t have to impact your own tools, while still offering your customers a personalized experience.

Our solution already integrates over forty systems!

Your system must surely be one of our technology partners.

La solution de fidélité ADELYA s'intègre à de multiples systèmes de caisse

Do you use specific software and want to manage loyalty with it? Our platform can be integrated into all your points of contact!

  • Cash register software
  • Mobile app
  • Interactive terminal
  • E-commerce website

Temps-réel ou asynchrone, nous adaptons le fonctionnement du programme en fonction des contraintes techniques de votre environnement

Why go for an API integration? To enrich your programme:
whatever your integration situation, we can adapt to it.

  • Real time or asynchronous
  • Reading or writing of data

Adelya is there to support you

Our technical teams can support you with the integration implementation, and assist you right through to the acceptance and production tests. Do you already have a database? We can take care of importing your files. They will be secure on our robust platform, which meets all confidentiality and data protection requirements.

ADELYA vous accompagne pour assurer le succès de votre programme fidélité

« A solution capable of modeling the most complex networks »

Do you have a WordPress or Prestashop website? We'll integrate in a jiffy!

Expand your online visibility and sales with our plugins, which have been especially designed to synchronise with your e-commerce or showcase website.

WordPress Plugin

Create your website on WordPress. Integrate various modules synchronized with Loyalty Operator, specially designed to develop your visibility and sales:

  • Coupons
  • Click and Collect
  • Gift catalog
  • Store locator
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Customer loyalty area

In just a few clicks, you can enhance your site with our free plugin : Web2Store by Adelya

ADELYA propose un plugin pour gérer votre fidélité sur Wordpress
ADELYA propose un plugin pour gérer votre fidélité sur Prestashop

Prestashop plugin

Our Prestashop plugin lets you link your e-commerce site to our solution. This module automatically synchronizes with Loyalty Operator all connections, purchases and coupon use made on your e-commerce site.

For example, when a customer validates a shopping cart on the site, their kitty is automatically updated on the platform’s customer file. When their kitty reaches €100, they receive a €10 voucher which they can redeem on your site by entering the discount code.