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Segment your customer base according to their behaviour in order to customise and target your loyalty and omni-channel promotional activities

The principle of segmentation

Segmentez votre base clients pour lui apporter des soins spécifiques à leurs comportements d'achat

Develop your customer knowledge

Not all your customers have the same expectations or the same purchasing behavior. It’s precisely through segmentation and by exploiting your data that you develop your customer knowledge and bring out certain consumer habits.

Adelya’s CRM collects and cross-references a wide range of data to establish several customer profiles: the regulars, the versatile, the inactive, the upmarket… This information is translated into diagrams and tables, providing a comprehensive overview of your business and customer typologies.

The principle of filtering

Segment your customer database

With Loyalty Operator, you can create homogeneous groups that can be used, for example, to precisely target an e-mail or SMS campaign.

  • On the simplified filter interface, you can quickly create a target: customers aged between 20 and 30 who haven’t been to the store in 1 month
  • On the advanced filter interface, you can make the most of your qualified database: prospects aged over 35 who have had a loyalty card for 3 months and made more than 10 checkouts in May
Filtrez et ciblez aisément vos clients fidèles

You can use a number of criteria to segment your customer base according to :

Their profile

  • geographic distribution
  • age, gender
  • customer recency
  • any information provided at the time of registration

Their behavior

  • generated sales
  • purchasing behavior and frequency
  • emails opening
  • coupon use

Why is it useful?

Portez les efforts très exactement sur la partie de vos clients fidèles que vous souhaitez toucher

Precisely target your marketing operations

Segmentation enables you to target your marketing communications and events to a specific segment of your customer base. By addressing a homogeneous target, you can send the right message and optimize the effectiveness of your actions.

On the Loyalty Operator platform, you can create any type of segment by filtering, for example, customers who :

  • who have made at least 4 purchases in the last 3 months
  • living within a 30km radius
  • with sales of over €150
  • who have not used a given coupon
  • who have read a specific campaign

« I segment my customers into relevant groups to give more resonance to my actions! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Comprenez votre clientèle et votre marché

Solid market knowledge

By segmenting your customer base, you'll be able to understand which groups are the most loyal and profitable for your outlet.

La segmentation permet une communication pertinente et plus crédible de votre Marque

Relevant communications

By adapting your messages to each target audience, you multiply your chances of building customer loyalty.

Gagnez du temps et de l'efficacité avec ADELYA, en concentrant vos efforts sur les clients les plus intéressants


You can focus your marketing on those customers who are most likely to buy your products or services.

« Thanks to segmentation, I can develop my customer knowledge and consumer habits! »

The ADELYA Advantages

Facilitez les ciblages en utilisant des segments prédéfinis

Predefined segments

To create your first segments and start your segmentation with ease

Approfondissez le ciblage de vos clients fidèles avec des filtres avancés

An advanced filter interface

To deepen your targeting, adapt it to your business and give your communications greater resonance

La solution Loyalty Operator est disponible sur tous types d'écrans

Platform-wide filters

Satisfaction questionnaires, special offers, SMS... filters allow you to precisely target all your actions.