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A terminal, a mobile application, tags: all technologies to build loyalty and foster an interactive customer relationship


Le passage en caisse, un moment idéal pour fidéliser ses clients

Take advantage of the checkout to build customer loyalty!

The checkout is a privileged moment for capturing your customers’ attention and building loyalty. Capitalize on it and give your customer relations an interactive dimension!

The Loyalty Operator relationship marketing platform combines the latest communication and interaction technologies to create and maintain this “interactive link” with your customers.


Identification at the checkout : for an individualized customer relationship

If physical stores are still resisting e-commerce, it’s because consumers appreciate the human touch, the opportunity to try out products, to be advised by a salesperson who already knows the tastes of the most loyal customers…

Identifying your customers at the checkout fills the need for an individualized customer relationship: you give them a personalized welcome, let them know if their kitty is about to expire, wish them a happy birthday… You’re in tune with consumers’ new expectations, without any technical complications!

Loyalty Operator is a multi-media platform. At the checkout, consumers can identify themselves via…

  • a physical loyalty card (NFC or QR code)
  • an NFC sticker, a smartphone (NFC and QR Code)
  • or simply by entering their name
Identifiez facilement vos clients en caisse grâce à la carte de fid'
« The checkout is the ideal time to establish a close relationship with my customers! »
Avec ADELYA, proposez des cartes de fidélité directement dans les Wallet Android / iOS

The Wallet, to put an end to lost or forgotten cards

Practical: Wallet, or digital cardholder, brings all your loyalty cards together on your phone without having to download an application first. Wallet is in fact a “native” application, as it is installed by default on your Android and IOS smartphone.

  • in-store identification
  • reservation of special offers
  • practical point-of-sale information

The mobile application: facilitating the shopping experience

It provides access to a wide range of services

  • reservation of special offers, products or services
  • geolocation of points of sale
  • dematerialized loyalty card for identification at checkout


The application can be used to send push notifications consistent with the customer’s shopping experience

  • satisfaction questionnaire following a purchase
  • reminders after a certain period of inactivity
  • flash sale on a product range they like
Restez en contact avec vos clients avec une application mobile
La simplicité de la carte à tampon, et la modernité du smartphone : Voici le Stamp Numérique

Le Stamp: the stamp loyalty card reinvented

Make a difference and leave a lasting impression! You combine the speed and authenticity of the “stamp” gesture typical of traditional commerce with the power of digital. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!

  • Build customer loyalty in a different way: the Stamp is another innovative way of promoting customer loyalty. It offers a competitive edge and engages your customers in a different way.
  • Give your customers a choice: You can adopt the digital stamp without abandoning your paper loyalty card.
  • Save operational time: this intelligent technology concentrate takes care of managing checkouts, rewards and current promotions.

How does it work?

Your customer’s phone becomes their loyalty card.

  • At the checkout, the customer presents the retailer with his loyalty card, dematerialized on his phone.
  • When touching the smartphone, the stamp validates the transaction.
  • The digital card is updated, and statistics are uploaded to the Loyalty Operator platform’s back office.

QR codes and NFC tags

The principle is simple: you assign an action to the QR code or NFC tag: consult a product sheet, like your Facebook page, post a review online…

Then all you have to do is place the sticker wherever you want your customers to see it. All they have to do is scan it with their smartphone to take advantage of the service.

Déclenchez des actions fidélité par simple scan d'un QR Code
Adelya peut intégrer votre programme de fidélité dans des bornes tactiles

Touch-screen kiosks: for an enriched customer experience

Bring the experience to life with interactive kiosks: they attract customers’ attention with their fun, multimedia content. With their easy-to-remember messages and eye-catching visuals, these screens are ideal for creating a need or provoking impulse purchases by enhancing the value of products.

Kiosks can be used to register a new customer, or to collect responses to a satisfaction survey or a competition. Consumers use them autonomously, and are more inclined to communicate their personal data spontaneously: kiosks enable you to enrich your customer database quickly and massively.

« Screens draw customers into stores like magnets! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Les écrans de promotion valorisent votre commerce

An attractive point of sale

Displays draw attention to new products, the best deals of the moment... They arouse the curiosity of consumers who walk through the door of your point of sale.

La fidélisation vous permet d'enrichir votre base clients

A highly qualified database

Interactive technologies encourage consumers to share their data. Your customer file is enriched by data collected both online and in-store.

Une relation client interactive

An interactive customer relationship

Your customer relationship is more interactive and therefore more lively. Customers are more open to your suggestions.