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Do you want to attract customers to your business? Post attractive special offers to boost your traffic and to recruit new loyal customers!

The principle of Hot Deals

Proposez des bons plans exclusifs à vos clients fidèles

Promotions boost point-of-sale traffic

Promotions enhance the value of your products through one-off promotional offers, highlighted on your website or mobile application. Your customers discover them, reserve them online and then come and take advantage of them in-store!

Special offers can meet a number of objectives: destocking an item, promoting a product, triggering a viral effect…

Principe des bons plans

Why does it animate so well?

Promotions keep your customer relations alive

By regularly publishing new offers, you encourage your customers to follow your news so they don’t miss out on your bargains. You create an addictive reflex that maintains and amplifies your store’s traffic over the long term!

Take advantage of special times of the year (back-to-school, Black Friday, etc.), and your promotions will have all the more impact. And don’t hesitate to vary the type of special offer, adapting them to every occasion:

  • Private sales: reward your most loyal customers
  • Flash sales: liquidate a stock of products
  • Exceptional promotions: increase point-of-sale traffic
  • Discovery sessions: bring your store to life with previews
Avec ADELYA Loyalty Operator, proposez facilement des bons plans aux clients porteurs de cartes de fidélité

« With promotions, I can choose my sales peaks at any time of year! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Avec ADELYA, attirez de nouveaux clients et fidélisez-les

Qualified in-store traffic

Hot deals arouse your customers' curiosity and encourage them to visit your business. Be creative and find the offer that will win them over!

Les bons plans donnent de la visibilité à votre commerce


Publishing and sharing great deals increases your online visibility! They're an excellent opportunity to showcase your new products, or sell off your unsold ones.

ADELYA, une solution de CRM, fidélisation et animation économique

Additional sales

Take advantage of a customer who has booked a good deal to introduce them to other products or services.

« With promotions, I gain a competitive edge and win over new consumers!  »

The ADELYA Advantages

ADELYA Loyalty Operator facilite la création et la diffusion de bons plans pour vos clients fidèles

Easy creation

With Loyalty Operator, you can create and publish your special offers in just a few clicks.

Traçabilité et automatisation d'actions selon le comportement des clients fidèles

Automated broadcasting

Share your special offers with automated mailings to optimize their effectiveness!

Suivez l'impact de vos bons plans avec des statistiques d'usage

Usage statistics

Follow up on the consultation and use of the coupons and adapt your offers according to the results!