Adelya Loyalty Card

Why create a loyalty card? The more you offer, the more you receive!

A loyalty card: yes, but why?

Fidéliser un client, c'est le rendre heureux et faire soi-même des économies. Tout le monde y gagne!

Building customer loyalty costs 5 times less than recruiting them: loyalty is all about saving money!

You identify your customers at the checkout with their loyalty card and reward their purchases.
Once they’ve left your outlet, you keep the link with personalized communications.

With the GDPR coming into force, regulations are set to be tougher on promotional emails, in favor of relational emails.
Communicate through the loyalty card to stay compliant!

Single or multi-brand loyalty cards, in-store and/or online…
Several types of program are available, and the rewards awarded depend on your promotional desires!

Why is loyalty such a good thing?

Strengthen your customer relationship with a loyalty card

  • A stronger bond of trust: the loyalty card creates a link with the store, enabling the consumer to identify with the store and the brand. They feel privileged compared to other consumers.
  • Personalized offers: thanks to data collection, you know your customers better. You can provide them with tailored offers and events, encouraging them to visit your outlet regularly.
  • A competitive advantage: in short, the loyalty card brings real added value to your business, appreciated by consumers and setting you apart from your competitors!
Une vendeuse consulte son programme de fidélisation sur sa tablette

Loyalty cards pay off!

Une vendeuse contente des résultats de son programme de fidélité

Boost your sales with a loyalty program

  • A higher average basket: on average, a customer with a loyalty card leaves with a 10-20% higher average basket!
  • Increased footfall: customers who appreciate your service will visit your store more often to take advantage of your loyalty program.
  • A highly qualified database: every customer who signs up enriches your customer file, so you can identify consumer habits and target your communications more precisely.
  • A local link: identification at the checkout, with or without your loyalty card in hand, enables you to offer your customers a warm, personalized welcome.
« Thanks to my tailor-made loyalty program, my customers become my best ambassadors! »

Create the loyalty card that suits you best

Fidélité à points

Points-based loyalty

Customers accumulate points as they make purchases. Customers receive a reward when they reach the required number of points.
We'll give you a €5 voucher for every 100 points earned!

Fidélité à cagnotte

Kitty loyalty

Customers accumulate euros (or any currency) as they shop. This kitty can be used at the next checkout, a strong incentive to return to the store.
Earn 1% of your purchases at every checkout!

Fidélité à tampons

Stamp loyalty

Customers earn a stamp with every purchase. When the card is complete, the customer is entitled to a reward.
For every 10 menus purchased, we offer you the 11th.

« A loyalty program that puts a smile on the faces of customers and salespeople alike! »

Adelya is much more than a loyalty card!

Attirez et animez

Animate your database with an all-in-one tool

Maintain the link to enrich your database and make your customers your best ambassadors

  • Sponsorship
  • Automated, multi-channel campaigns
  • Mobile application

Digitalisez votre programme de fidélisation

Digitalize all your points of sale

To complement your program, our web modules can be easily integrated into your website.

  • Click and collect
  • Store locator
  • Customer area

Rendez votre commerce visible

Innovate with a program that can evolve

Don't just keep your customers loyal... Surprise them with new events!

  • Lottery
  • Challenges
  • Gift card