Adelya Mobile Application

Get into your consumers pockets with a mobile app that is specifically for your loyalty program, or one that can be integrated into your existing app

The principle of mobile application

L'appli mobile pour votre programme de fidélité

Give your loyalty program a multi-channel dimension!

The mobile application brings together all the services your customers need:

  • point-of-sale location
  • practical point-of-sale information
  • special offers and promotions
  • item reservations…

The added value?

Your customers can identify themselves at the checkout with their loyalty card, dematerialized on the mobile!

Why does it animate so well?

If a website can be used to acquire new customers, a mobile application can be used to build customer loyalty!

Customers appreciate the services they can access via the application: appointment booking, dematerialized loyalty card, product reservation, customized promotions… You can enhance your image and affirm the quality of your store’s service.

Offering a mobile application to your customers helps develop a special bond between them and your store. Publish special offers and flash sales to trigger impulse purchases and boost your sales!

Lotteries are a perfect match for challenges, and Loyalty Operator offers a range of other activities that will amaze your customers!

Quelques écrans d'application fidélité

« In this digital age, I’m building customer loyalty directly on their mobile! »

Qu’est-ce que j’y gagne en tant que commerçant ?

L'appli mobile peut booster le traffic des clients fidèles

Boost traffic at the point of sale

Customers receive push notifications informing them of new products, good deals and flash sales of the moment. They head to the store to grab the bargain!

Le store locator encourage la consommation locale

Promote local consumption

The store locator geolocates all retailers equipped with the Loyalty Operator solution. For consumers, an incentive to discover new businesses in their neighborhood!

L'application mobile est un éléments fidélisant dans un programme relationnel

Build customer loyalty

Your customers monitor their points balance, their privileges, their gifts... Tracking these benefits directly on their smartphone will make them all the more loyal!

Cartes de fidélité ou cartes cadeau, choisissez un support physique et/ou dématérialisé

Identify at checkout

L’The application contains a dematerialized loyalty card (single or multi-brand), so no more forgotten loyalty cards! Lors du passage en caisse, il suffit de scanner le code sur le smartphone pour identifier le client et gérer sa fidélité

« With the mobile application, I offer my customers a seamless experience »

The ADELYA Advantages

Une application fidélité à vos couleurs

An application in your own colors

Logo, colors, icons... the application is fully customizable!

Notifications Push

Push notifications

For a change from text messaging, while maintaining a close relationship.

Identification en magasin

In-store identification

The application contains the loyalty card, so your customers can identify themselves at the checkout in the blink of an eye!