Adelya ADELYA works on any device

Whether you use a cash register system, a tablet or payment terminal, Loyalty Operator can be adapted to your environment

ADELYA est une solution multi-écrans. Gérez votre fidélisation en toutes situations

Choose your screens

In response to the growing variety of terminals, the platform can be accessed from any type of screen:

  • PC / POS PC
  • Tablet / kiosk
  • Smartphone / Payment terminal (TPE)

All you need is an Internet connection.

Do you want a seamless experience for your sales staff? Our documented API enables Loyalty Operator to be integrated directly into your POS system.

Be visible on every channel

With Loyalty Operator, you can reach customers in multiple ways:

  • Responsive modules to integrate with your website
  • Mobile application with push notification
  • Emailing
  • SMS
  • Postal mail
Et rendez votre programme visible sur tous les canaux