Adelya Reporting

To facilitate the daily management of your loyalty program, Loyalty Operator provides tailormade reports. You can maintain control of your business and stay informed

The principle of reporting

Visualisez la performance de votre programme de fidélité en un clin d'oeil avec les rapports automatiques

Track your business at a glance

Loyalty Operator’s reporting tools meet your needs for regular monitoring. Generated automatically or manually, the reports keep you informed of activity on the platform. You can consult the pre-formatted reports available automatically, or request the creation of customized reports to meet your specific needs:

  • Post-send report on a mail or SMS campaign
  • Report on the number of loyalty card creations
  • Report on the number of loyalty card swipes

Why is it so useful?

Save operational time!

Reporting lets you stay in control of your business. You keep informed regularly and automatically on the subjects that matter to you. Reporting data can be downloaded manually, or emailed to the people of your choice.

For brands and networks, it is also possible to create special reports for the head office, and specific reports for sales outlets. Information, format, frequency, type of dispatch… You choose the methods that make your life easier.

Visualisez facilement la performance de vos campagnes de communication

« With reporting, I define my indicators to measure program performance.  »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Les reportings vous apportent de l'efficacité opérationnelle

Operational efficiency

Your information and statistics are immediately available, sorted and usable.

ADELYA peut vous proposer des rapports sur-mesure

Tailor-made reports

Do you need specific statistics? We'll build you customized reports.

Avec ADELYA, recevez les informations qui vous intéressent

Des informations personnalisées

Customized information

« With reporting, I transform my customer data into key information! »

The ADELYA Advantages

Nos rapports permettent d'examiner votre programme sous tous les angles !

Reports from every angle

Whether it's your customer base, your business or your communications, reports cover every aspect of your business.

Vous avez des besoins spécifiques? Nous vous créons des rapports personnalisés

Customized reports

Our reports are tailored to your needs, providing you with the information you require.

Recevez vos rapports automatiquement, au rythme de votre choix

Automated sending

You receive regular, personalized reports, bringing you the data that's important to you.