Adelya Local Businesses

An all-in-one customer loyalty and relational marketing solution that is easy to use

Increase your sales, boost your customer relations

Une solution performante et pratique pour les Programmes de Fidélité

The Loyalty Operator platform makes the marketing power of major brands accessible to all retailers

With Loyalty Operator, you can build up a database, communicate with your customers, set up promotions and manage in-store loyalty with a single solution. Loyalty Operator is also a quick and easy way to manage your customer relations, specially designed for independent retailers: an all-in-one platform on a par with mass-market retailing, yet within the reach of convenience stores!

Turn your customers into regulars with an engaging loyalty program

Aimant à clients fidèles


Your priority: build a qualified customer file through your loyalty program. A well-informed database gives you solid customer knowledge and enables you to better target your communications: a must-have for building customer loyalty!

Faites décoller votre Chiffre d'Affaires grâce aux Animations et Opérations de Fidélisation


Your customer database is now fully qualified. You'll now be able to animate it with a wide range of point-of-sale and online loyalty campaigns. The result: your customers consume more, you increase your sales and boost your turnover.

Faites de votre relation un véritable Feu d'Artifice en les étonnant positivement


Loyalizing your customers isn't enough: you have to surprise them. To do this, all you have to do is aim just right! Our platform features a host of original, easy-to-implement animations to turn your best customers into your ambassadors.

« Finally, a loyalty solution that matches my marketing strategy! »

3 interfaces to build customer loyalty and increase sales

The back office: all the tools you need to build customer loyalty

You attract…

  • Turnkey loyalty program
  • Physical or dematerialized loyalty card

You communicate…

  • Automatic e-mails: welcome, birthday, inactive…
  • Newsletters and occasional SMS

You animate…

  • Happy hour and special offers
  • Lotteries and challenges
  • Gift cards
Des emails construits en toute simplicité avec notre éditeur intuitif
L'application vendeurs pour la fidélisation au quotidien

The checkout application for a personalized customer welcome


The checkout is the best time to enrich your customer base and build loyalty.
That’s why we’ve developed an interface for welcoming customers in-store:

  • Inserting and registering new customers
  • Checkout identification
  • Loyalty management (points, kitty, benefits, etc.)

Web access for constant customer contact

Welcome your customers even when your store is closed, with our modules that can be integrated into your website:

  • A showcase page to be visible on the web (practical information, geolocation…)
  • A click-and-collect catalog to increase in-store traffic
  • Special offers to make it easier to sell a product
  • Customer reviews to boost online reputation
  • A loyalty area dedicated to customers (gift catalog, sponsorship, personal information…)

Extend your online visibility and enhance your e-reputation: in-store traffic guaranteed!

Des accès web pour rester en contact 24/7 avec vos clients encartés

« I develop my sales while remaining focused on my core business!  »


Loyalty and sponsorship programs
Physical or dematerialized loyalty card
Gift cards


Loyalty points booster

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Unlimited emailing
Satisfaction questionnaire
Customer database and statistics

Be visible

Customer loyalty web page
Good deals / Promotion
Click and Collect

« Thanks to my tailor-made loyalty program, my customers become my best ambassadors! »

The ADELYA Advantages

Les cartes de fidélité participent à la satisfaction de vos clients

A turnkey program

You define the type of program (points, buffer or kitty) and select the emails that will be sent automatically (welcome, birthday, sponsorship...). It's that easy!

Fidélisez et Animez avec un outil à la fois puissant et peu onéreux

Reduced costs

Thanks to our shared solution, you benefit from the best value for money in terms of features and upgrades, with no increase in rent.

Quel que soit votre environnement, nous avons une solution pour nous y intégrer et gérer votre démarche fidélisante

Simple installation

At home or in the store, all you need is an Internet connection to use the platform and all its tools. And for even greater ease of use, access is possible from any screen: PC, POS, tablet or smartphone.