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Add a viral and fun dimension to your loyalty program with challenges!

The principle behind challenges

Les challenges pour gamifier votre relation fidélité

Gamify your customer relations!

Challenges are challenges launched to consumers which, when successfully completed, lead to virtual or real rewards. Use your imagination to stimulate your customers!

  • Laura wins the “Serial Shopper” challenge after 4 checkouts in the same month.
  • Quentin wins the “Refer a Friend” challenge after referring 3 friends to your loyalty program.
  • Juliette wins the “E-client” challenge after reserving 1 item in your clic and collect catalog.

…and much more!

Why do challenges stimulate so well?

An original way to engage your customers

Challenges add a touch of originality to your loyalty program! Thanks to the game mechanism, customers have the impression that the store expects nothing from them other than to entertain them. Free fun for them, profitable entertainment for you!

18-25 year-olds are particularly fond of this gamification animation. They’re talking about you on social networks, and this positive image with young people will boost your online reputation!

De multiples animations pour faire vivre le programme de fidélité
Récompensez vos clients fidèles lorsqu'ils réalisent des challenges

And what about the reward?

Like the lottery, this animation stimulates your customers’ commitment. Even if the award is only virtual, the point for the customer is to get positive feedback that gives meaning to their actions. A feeling of accomplishment that will naturally encourage them to return to your point of sale.

Of course, you’re not limited to the virtual: if you wish, you can offer discount vouchers, extra points, gifts…

« With the challenges, my customers become active consumers! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Générez des nouveaux clients grâce à vos clients fidèles


Customers who play the game the most tell their friends and family about you and recruit new customers.

Une relation client interactive

A solid reputation

Fun and original, challenges give your business a friendly image.

« An animation that captures the attention of young people! »

The ADELYA Advantages

Des challenges hautement configurables

Customize challenges to suit your needs

You control the start and end dates, whether it's a one-off or a regular event, the objective and the reward. It's up to you!

Défiez-nous !

Challenge us!

Do you have ideas for challenges but no time to implement them? Our teams are here to make your projects a reality!

ADELYA vous accompagne également sur la création des animations

Add value to your events

Adelya can also help you create the visuals for your challenges and rewards, so you have every chance of going viral.