Adelya Statistics

Analyse the activities of your customers and your business, and adapt your actions to strengthen the impact of your loyalty program and promotions by using our detailed statistics

The principle of statistics

Les tableaux de bord Loyalty Operator permettent de suivre l'évolution de vos actions fidélisantes

Easily analyze your activity!

Loyalty Operator features statistical tools for tracking and analyzing the data collected during the life of your program.

You can monitor the evolution of your activity, evaluate the performance of your actions and their impact on your business. Through statistics visible on the platform or periodic reports, you have all the information you need to make the right decisions. Among other things, you can track :

The evolution of your customer base

  • number of customers
  • purchasing frequency
  • average basket
  • recency

Your business activity

  • evolution of your loyalty sales
  • challenges completion rate

The performance of your initiatives

You can follow the development of your business day by day, and find statistical data in the form of diagrams and tables.

Why are statistics so useful?

Drive with visibility!

By cross-referencing the data collected, you’ll be able to make the right decisions.

  • Increase your knowledge of your business
  • Understand your customers’ habits and expectations

For example, by analyzing the performance of each campaign, you can identify successful and less successful operations. You can then adapt your message, and achieve better results.

Avec ADELYA, pilotez votre programme de fidélité et suivez les performances

« A loyal customer base is above all a qualified customer base! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

La valeur de votre programme de fidélité? La base clients que vous constituez

A qualified and operational customer base

You keep your customer database up to date, and have a global view of data completion.

La connaissance client est indispensable pour fidéliser votre clientèle. ADELYA vous y aide

A solid customer knowledge

Statistics enable you to understand your customers' behavior, and deduce their needs and desires.

Optimisez vos performances jour après jour en suivant vos progrès

A performance optimization

You are part of a continuous improvement process, analyzing the performance of your successive actions.

« With promotions, I gain a competitive edge and win over new consumers! »

The ADELYA Advantages

Loyalty Operator vous offre une vision globale de votre activité

A global vision of your business

The platform collects data from both point-of-sale and online interactions, delivering a 360° view of your business.

Avec ADELYA, vos données client et fidélité sont sécurisées

Secured data

Encrypted, backed up... at Adelya, your data is well guarded!

Recevez automatiquement des rapports pour suivre l'évolution de votre programme

Automated reports

You'll receive daily, weekly or even monthly reports, presenting all the data you're interested in.