Adelya Distributors

Add value to your business by distributing our solution!

Would you like to do business by reselling Adelya’s technology directly to your customers? Become a distributor of the Loyalty Operator platform and be sure to offer your customers the right solution!
Distributeurs : devenons partenaires fidélité !

A flexible, easy-to-manage solution

ADELYA has developed all the tools you need to distribute its technology independently.
You have access to a customized environment, set up according to your objectives.

The Loyalty Operator platform is multilingual and present in 10 countries.
Depending on your needs, we can add new languages.

As a distributor, you can :

– Launch an innovative marketing concept in your territory or market

– Launch an additional solution that complements your products or services

– Integrate our solution into an existing service to enhance it

Notre support vous accompagne au quotidien


You market your offer and are responsible for providing 1st level support to your customers. We provide 2nd-level technical support and guarantee the compatibility of our solution with platform upgrades.

Notre solution permet une grande flexibilité dans la modélisation de votre programme fidélité


We contractualize a partnership and build your offer and your concept so that you are autonomous in your customer relations. You remain the direct contact for your customers, and are free to market the platform. Technically, the product is distributed as a "grey" brand. It's your brand that's primarily promoted, with minimal reference to the technology used.

Construisons ensemble un Business Model mutuellement profitable


The distributor's contract price is set jointly and according to your distribution model. For your part, you are free to define resale prices in your market. You charge a monthly rent to your customers, so that your income grows with your customer base. Depending on your commercial investment, you can quickly build up high volumes (one of our distributors recruited over 600 stores into his network in just 1 year, with good added value and good results).