Adelya Gift Card

Do you want to promote your business while making people happy? Offer your customers a branded gift card!

The principle of gift cards

Gift cards enable your customers to give someone a set amount to be spent in your store. It is secure and can be used multiple times. The recipient activates the card and then uses it as a means of payment in your retail outlets.

The gift card is a great way to animate

La carte cadeau est tendance et fait plaisir

Gift cards are easy to buy and easy to use!

It gives your customers the opportunity to discover your business, which in turn encourages the recruitment of new customers unfamiliar with your brand. Used as a marketing medium, it allows you to support the highlights of the year:

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings & births
  • End-of-year celebrations

In fact, it’s become a marketing classic. Practical as a gift, it’s a favorite among recipients. In fact, 60% of French people make it their favorite gift. Place it at the checkout in your store and invite your customers to take advantage of it by informing them by e-mail.

« With the gift card, I please my customers and their loved ones!»

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Additional sales

  • Gift cards generate over 800 million euros in sales every year in France, making them an excellent growth driver.
  • Gift card recipients generally spend more than the card value, giving you an opportunity to generate additional sales.
  • 5 to 10% of gift cards issued are lost or expired: they become pure margin for you (ADELYA does not collect money from unused cards).
La carte cadeau : Un excellent moyen de générer des ventes additionnelles
Créer une carte cadeau permet de générer de nouveaux clients

New customers

By distributing your gift card, your customers become ambassadors for your business. It allows you to renew your customer base by recruiting prospects unfamiliar with your brand, thus expanding your customer base.

Committed customers

Customers who buy your gift card express their confidence in your business. The recipient of the card, satisfied with your welcome, will in turn become your ambassador.

Adelya's advantages

Créez une carte cadeau à votre image

A gift card that reflects you

For a professional look, our teams can help you create your visuals.

La solution ADELYA permet de créer des cartes cadeau à coût maîtrisé

Costs under control

A simple monthly fee to keep your budget under control. No commission on transactions or unspent amounts.

Enseigne unique ou groupe d'enseignes? Notre technologie permet de créer tous types de carte cadeau

Single or multi-brand

You offer a single card that can be used in one or more shops, in one or more transactions.