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Do you offer your loyal customers services that are available upon reservation? Give them an online calendar for a seamless and omnichannel customer experience!

The principle of reservation planning

Facilitez la prise de rendez-vous à vos clients fidèles

A practical service that attracts new customers​

Accessible from your web space or mobile application, online planning enables your customers to book a service or event themselves. When they’re in-store, you can also book for them from their customer file.

You stay in control and manage the services offered on the Loyalty Operator platform:

  • You create a list of activities available for booking
  • Your customers book an available slot, online or in-store
  • The customer receives confirmation of their booking, and you are notified of their booking
Principe du planning de réservation

Why does it animate so well?

Planning makes the customer experience more fluid

Your customers are autonomous when it comes to booking your services or events: they can make a reservation even when your store is closed. They can also modify or cancel in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It’s a freedom and flexibility that’s much appreciated, and that builds customer loyalty!

A session sold out? No problem, Loyalty Operator manages waiting lists. Customers are automatically notified as and when places become available.

Thanks to e-mail or SMS reminders, missed sessions are a thing of the past! Each subscriber’s participation is validated when they swipe their card, and can be taken into account in a loyalty program.

Utilisez le planning ADELYA pour fluidifer l'expérience client

« Simplify and digitalize your reservation system with online planning! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

Gagnez du temps avec notre outil de planning


You don't have to make appointments by phone, and all reservations are shared with your colleagues.

Attirez les clients pour les fidéliser

New customers

40% of reservations are made outside opening hours. With online planning, you can turn visitors into potential customers!

« With planning, I offer my customers autonomy while saving management time. »

The ADELYA Advantages

Planning interactif de Loyalty Operator

Interactive planning

You can manage the capacity of your rooms and services, as well as the list of booked participants. All appointments are synchronized in real time on your devices.

Gestion facile

Ease of management

Create recurring activities (daily, weekly or monthly) and manage your physical resources.

Optimisez vos créneaux

Add value to your animations

Set up a waiting list: if a customer withdraws, he or she will automatically be replaced by another person, who will be notified by email or SMS.