Adelya Referral

Make your loyalty card work even harder for you: Recruit consumers through your own customers with a referral program

The sponsorship system

Le parrainage avec ADELYA : Vos clients existants génèrent de nouveaux clients. Facilement.

Encourage your customers to recommend you to their friends and family, and reward their commitment!

Paul, a loyal customer, invites his brother Jean to join his loyalty program.
Once registered, John earns a €5 voucher, while Paul’s kitty is credited with 50 points.

Both the sponsor and the sponsoree are rewarded, and the merchant gains an additional loyal customer: it’s a win-win situation! The whole mechanism is managed by the Loyalty Operator loyalty platform: all you have to do is determine the rewards awarded.

Sponsorship is an effective marketing tool

Sponsorship combines customer acquisition and retention

Customers who have already been won over by your brand become your ambassadors: they are happy to recommend you to their friends and family, and their role as prescribers makes them feel valued. Their enthusiasm and credibility make it easier to recruit new members.

On the referral platform included in Loyalty Operator, you bring your referral program to life by automating the emails sent to the sponsored member and the referrer:

“Thank you for signing up Jean! Don’t delay in taking advantage of your welcome offer: a €5 voucher”.
“Paul, Jean has just signed up for our loyalty program. 50 points credited to your kitty for this new referral!”

La parrainage pour fidéliser et conquérir vos clients
« The ADELYA sponsorship platform, my secret weapon for customer acquisition and loyalty! »

What's in it for me as a retailer?

An omnichannel solution that covers your entire network and surprises your customers

Avec ADELYA, attirez de nouveaux clients et fidélisez-les

New customers, effortlessly

Your customers bring you back customers who in turn invite new customers... a snowball effect guaranteed!

Les clients parrains sont d'excellents ambassadeurs de votre commerce


The more your customers sponsor, the more their kitty increases, a virtuous circle that develops a preference for your brand.

ADELYA, une solution de CRM, fidélisation et animation économique


This prospecting technique costs you little but pays off in spades: you reduce your acquisition costs thanks to your already loyal customer base

« With sponsorship, my customers’ friends and family become my customers too! »

ADELYA's advantages

Animate your database with an all-in-one tool

You reward the sponsor and/or the sponsoree, and can set up a tiered winnings system.

Digitalize all your points of sale

In their personal space, sponsors can find all the members they have sponsored and the rewards they have earned.

Innovate with a program that can evolve

Registration is omnichannel (e-mail/online form/point of sale...), and all the sponsor has to do is enter the sponsor's code!