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How to create citizen loyalty? How to overcome technological and economic obstacles?
75 tips drawn from our experience (in FRENCH)

Enchant your customers and simplify your relationship marketing!

A book (in FRENCH) for all those who want to take the plunge into collective loyalty!

In La Bataille du Commerce, Jean-François Novak, Chairman, Founder and CEO of Adelya, shares his expertise and experience with independent retailers wishing to embark on a digital project to build collective customer loyalty:
75 tips (in all modesty) for launching, financing and running a multi-store loyalty card project in a town center.

It’s a thought-provoking account of how to successfully launch a digital project involving a number of individual entrepreneurs working towards a common goal!

In particular, retailers will find recommendations for :
  • Create a solid, lasting bond with customers through loyalty ;
  • Overcome technological and economic obstacles;
  • Adopt an ecolocalist and collaborative attitude to bring the project to fruition;
  • Adapt your project to your territory and customers.

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