Adelya Our offer

A simple, powerful solution for managing your loyalty card, CRM and marketing campaigns…
All in a single tool, capable of adapting to your systems and organization.

With Adelya, you'll do more than just manage your customer relations!


Building customer loyalty is not enough: surprise them with in-store activities and operations: the key to developing an affective preference for your Brand.


Win over new customers with a loyalty program that combines transactional and relational benefits!


Boost your customer relations by offering services that consumers appreciate: they’ll become your best ambassadors and recommend you to their friends and family.

Gain visibility

Develop your online visibility to maintain a competitive edge: we provide web modules to highlight your point of sale and deliver essential information to customers.


Analyze the activity of your customers and your business and adapt your actions to reinforce the impact of your loyalty program thanks to our detailed statistics.

« A loyal customer spends 15% to 25% more
than an occasional customer »

Build long-term loyalty

An Attractive Loyalty Program: offer your customers a loyalty program tailored to their shopping habits and boost your sales.
 Le Wallet: Dematerialize loyalty cards on your customers’ phones. No more lost or forgotten loyalty cards! It’s always at hand.
Automatic Campaigns: Focus on your business with automatic campaigns. Reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message: greet your new customer with a welcome e-mail, wish them a happy birthday, wake up your dormant customers.

« 20% of your customers
account for 80% of your sales

Recruit clients at lower cost

The Gift Card: Generate additional sales and attract new, qualified customers to your stores.

Practical as a gift, it lets you celebrate the highlights of the year:

> Mother’s and Father’s Day
> Birthdays
> Weddings & Births
> End-of-year festivities

The Referral: accelerate the recruitment of new customers with a sponsorship program that benefits both the sponsor and the sponsored child.

Customers who have already been won over by your brand become your ambassadors: they are happy to recommend you to their friends and family, and their role as prescribers makes them feel valued. Their enthusiasm and credibility make it easier to recruit new members.

« 77% of consumers
expect from Brands a personalized customer relationship »

Stand out from the competition with original, personalized communication

The Newsletter Editor: easily create personalized emailings with our email creation tool.
The SMS: Deliver effective communications with this short format. A record read rate and almost instantaneous opening (10mn on average after reception).
The Rich SMS: arouse curiosity by adding a fun, interactive animation to the SMS (countdown, video, scratch-off game…).

« Animations increase by 40%
your customers’ long-term commitment »

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Animate your customer relations effortlessly

The Points Booster: no more off-peak hours! Double loyalty points at times when your customer traffic is lowest to generate continuous sales.
 The Lottery: organize a lottery from Loyalty Operator to get to know your customers better and encourage new members to join your loyalty program.
 The Promotions: boost your sales and increase in-store traffic with promotional offers.
 The Challenges : gamify your customer relations with challenges. Invite them to take up challenges to win exceptional offers and discounts.

« 52% of convenience stores report an increase
of between from 20% to 40% thanks to their online presence »

Improve your visibility

The “Web to store“: offer an online space dedicated to your loyalty program on an independent website or integrated into your website.
The Store locator: reference your point(s) of sale(s) online.
The Click and collect module : allow your customers to make purchases 24/7 and pick them up in-store.

Adelya Loyalty Operator offers you numerous possibilities
to boost your customer relations and loyalty

The back office
for managers

To manage communications and events at sales outlets and for the brand using a single tool

A clienteling interface
for sales staff

To identify customers and manage their loyalty directly at the checkout

A website and app
for customers

To keep in touch even when the store's closed!