ADELYA City-Pass: Every Tourism Office’s ally

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In pursuit of their mission to breathe new life into local communities, Tourist Offices aremultiplying initiatives to encourage visitors to discover local heritage. By offering a unique package in a single card to visit multiple local points of interest, the dematerialized Tourism Pass is a simple and effective tool for promotion, based on a win-win proposition: the tourist saves money, while Pass partners benefit from an additional stream of visitors. More and more territories attracted by this concept are looking for a solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use. Buoyed by the success of tourism passes in Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, the ADELYA City-Pass was recently selected by Aix-en-Provence and for the entire Ardèche department.
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A new generation, ready-to-use solution

Building on dematerialization and customizing its solution, ADELYA City Pass  lets Tourist Offices adapt a tourist package to the desires of visitors, adjusting it year after year by analyzing how passes are used. This personalization breeds greater tourist loyalty, thus significantly boosting a territory’s performance.

ADELYA City-Pass can be sold as a contactless card (NFC/QR Code) or via a mobile application for smartphones. With their city-pass in their pocket, visitors can freely visit and enjoy custom events and facilities. “Aix-en-Provence has been working for two years to develop a tourism pass bringing together the key players of Aix as a destination,” says Pascale Maurel, Deputy Director, Tourist Office, Aix-en-Provence. “Originally inspired by the system set up in the city of Marseille, we turned to the ADELYA solution with their collaboration and support. ADELYA immediately deployed the resources necessary to implement our #provenceaixperience pass, in record time.”

Via the web platform, the Tourist Office defines and develops the services included in the city-pass (museums, monuments, discounts in shops, etc.), gets to know visitors better (contact information, preferences, etc.) and visualizes consumed services in real-time.


An easy-to-deploy Tourism Pass solution

Since its launch, ADELYA City-Pass has consistently attracted new tourism organizations that recognize a simple, reliable and professional provider. The Ardèche department also uses ADELYA. “At the tender for the implementation of our Pass’Ardèche card, ADELYA was the obvious choice for their responsiveness, the clarity of their bid and their capacity to adapt to our project,” says Guillaume Argaud, President, Ardèche Loisirs & Patrimoine. “We needed a proven and robust platform to cover a vast territory, populated by players with diverse backgrounds and heterogeneous skills.”

The dematerialization of the city-pass simplifies and optimizes management, automating previously manual processing, which is a source of losses and errors. Thus, opportunities are multiplied and tourism organizations have tools to accommodate more visitors each day.

“ADELYA accompanied us on the project with all their experience to implement the product,” continues Guillaume Argaud. “They were true facilitators, getting streams to flow better, especially in the handling of technical interfaces with our other software, which went well beyond our own expertise in the field. The quality of technical services, coaching and daily monitoring are unanimously recognized by our technical committee and our partners.”

“We emphasize the availability, responsiveness and professionalism of technicians and engineers who have worked on our Pass. Monitoring and assistance are also always there, which is very valuable for teams on the ground,” says Pascale Maurel.

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