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PUBLI COMMUNICATION to be the first freesheet firm in France to offer its customer base – local regional stores – a new-gen loyalty solution to engage customers.
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Toulouse, France, October 2nd, 2012 – ADELYA, a software company specializing in NFC loyalty solutions, announced today that PUBLI COMMUNICATION, a subsidiary of Group La Dépêche, a regional media firm in Midi-Pyrénées, has selected ADELYA to launch its white-label loyalty platform.

A recognized player in the free media industry, PUBLI COMMUNICATION’s mission has always been to increase traffic for its local store customers. Today, it is reinventing its field and providing local stores the marketing punch they need to boost traffic, increase customer loyalty and revenues. PUBLI COMMUNICATION has selected ADELYA’s Loyalty Platform as the white-label solution to reach that goal.

“Today, consumers are omni-channel. More connected than ever, they search the web, research offers on their mobile and, hopefully, buy at their brick-and-mortar store. Our local stores must address all channels simultaneously and offers need to be consistent across all channels and relative to specific customers. ADELYA’s ready-to-use loyalty platform and consumer applications matched our needs. We are excited to be able to distribute it to our customers,” said François Meillan, CEO of PUBLI COMMUNICATION.

PUBLI COMMUNICATION revitalizes its marketing offering to local stores

A back-office loyalty platform for local stores to manage customer relationships. Everything needed for efficient customer engagement, through multi-store loyalty programs, web and mobile deals and offers, customer management, multi-channel marketing text-messaging campaigns, emails, Facebook and more.

Mobile and web applications for consumers. In each city, on their smartphones, consumers can find their local stores, search the best city deals, keep track of their loyalty rewards, share with friends and manage their profile.

PUBLI COMMUNICATION will distribute ADELYA Loyalty as a white-label solution starting Q1 2013.

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