ADELYA unveils Loyalty Operator 2.0, a new version of its SaaS mobile loyalty platform

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Loyalty Operator 2.0 creates a new way to interact with customers for retailers and shops. Increased mobility, sharp social and marketing features and a brand new look and feel are the highlights of this major version.
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Toulouse, France, September 14th 2010 – ADELYA, a leading software company specialized in contactless and mobile loyalty and marketing services, announced today the general availability of Loyalty Operator 2.0, the new version of its mobile loyalty platform used daily by over 1,000 points of sale.

ADELYA is pursuing its “all-in-one” software strategy, offering retailers and shops a unique loyalty and customer relations solution to meet their global requirements. Loyalty Operator 2.0, which is web-enabled, mobile, social and real time, offers advanced mobile technologies, sharp marketing and social features and a brand new user interface. Personalized customer relations, advanced consumer knowledge, fast consumer enrolment, sales and POS traffic boosting, push and viral marketing and mobile interactivity are the cornerstones of Loyalty Operator 2.0.

“ADELYA helps retailers and shops create a new kind of customer interaction at the point of sale, fostering long-lasting and profitable relationships,” said JF Novak, President of ADELYA. “Social, open and promotional, Loyalty Operator 2.0 offers retailers more power to attract and retain consumers.”

Loyalty cards on smartphones

Loyalty Operator 2.0 adds 2D bar-code technology to its offering, turning smartphones (iPhone and Androids) into mobile loyalty cards. To activate their mobile loyalty cards, consumers simply download the free 2D ADELYA mobile apps onto their smartphones, then select the right loyalty cards from their ADELYA mobile loyalty apps. A unique 2D bar code is automatically displayed on the phone. This secure code is scanned by a webcam at the PoS to automatically identify customers, grant them instant loyalty points and offer them promotional coupons.

“As a pioneer of NFC technology in loyalty programs, ADELYA decided to encapsulate another contactless mobile technology inside Loyalty Operator 2.0 to extend the potential mobile community,” adds Mathieu Véron, R&D Director at ADELYA. “Empowered by the 2D bar-code technology provided by 4G SECURE, we offer smartphone holders the opportunity to use their mobile phones instead of their current loyalty cards. Loyalty made simple at the PoS.”

On demand couponing and consumer-oriented promotional website

Loyalty Operator 2.0 brings novelty to couponing, making promotions fast, efficient and personalized. On top of its current couponing offering, which enables retailers and shops to launch on-demand couponing campaigns, already published in real time on existing communication channels (email, mobile, Facebook), Loyalty Operator 2.0 goes one step further with a dedicated consumer website. As early as Fall 2010, coupons generated by Loyalty Operator 2.0 will be displayed on ADELYA’s new promotional website dedicated to consumers and shops. Soon to be released as a beta test version, ADELYA’s new promotional site will include an electronic wallet of loyalty cards, a coupon wall and dedicated marketing services to facilitate product offerings, make it easier to measure satisfaction and boost consumer virality.

Multichannel customer surveys for deeper consumer knowledge

Multichannel, Loyalty Operator 2.0 also offers new advanced consumer survey and analysis features. Retailers or shops can define consumer surveys, target consumer profiles and use all existing channels—email, mobile and social networks—to gather relevant and useful consumer information. Soon, retailers and shops could rely on the new ADELYA promotional site to display their consumer surveys, a great way to survey both known and unknown consumer targets. Increased knowledge of consumer behavior and buying patterns, satisfaction and awareness measurements made simple.

Brand new look and feel for global deployments

Designed to match any customer environment and global deployments, Loyalty Operator 2.0’s new user interface is intuitive and interactive, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Compliant with Web 2.0 recommendations, the new user interface integrates all social networking features and enables fast integration of third-party components.

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