ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator brings marketing punch of big retail chains to independent restaurants

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A powerful mix for an interactive restaurant experience: NFC contactless loyalty cards, an up-to-date customer database, and communication via email, text messaging, social networks, and on-demand couponing.

Toulouse, 1 February 2011 – ADELYA, the Frenchstart-up specializing in loyalty solutions built around mobile and NFC contactless technologies, announced today that its Loyalty Operator platform is proving a huge success with brasseries and restaurants, giving them an innovative loyalty system that is easy to set up and use, and well suited to the fast pace of service inrestaurants.

A loyalty program built on rewards and customer curiosity

Combining speed and efficiency, ADELYA offers restaurants a loyalty program that leverages customers’ natural curiosity and their desire to be rewarded.

Rewards through an NFC loyalty card

Integral to the Loyalty Operator platform isan NFC contactless loyalty card that rewards consumers with loyalty checks and/or coupons.Each restaurant is free to define its own loyalty rules and how it rewards customers. A loyalty card lets restaurants build up a base of loyal customers, update its database at checkout and record information such as customer spend, how frequently they dine, and their last visit—a valuable store of information for analyzing their clientele and catching attention through point-of-sale activities. ADELYAoffers creative methods to quickly get new customers through the door.

Stimulating curiosity through communications campaigns and on-demand couponing

Another lever of ADELYA’s loyalty program involves communicating with consumers through text messaging, emailing and social networks to tempt them to check out a restaurant and thus form an intimate bond with them. Restaurants can keep customers in touch with their latest news,let them know about a new menu, invite them to evenings and promote special offers, all in seconds with Loyalty Operator.As a result, customers are made to feel special and a close tie is created with the restaurant. As well as supporting multi-channel communication campaigns, Loyalty Operator gives restaurants the flexibility to offer incentives for introducing friends, instant rewards on every x visits and coupons “on the fly”. Depending on how busy the restaurant is at a given moment, the restaurant owner can distribute a coupon in minutes valid for a set period to pull in more diners.

“Our success in the brasserie and restaurant sector shows how well suited our Loyalty Operator platform is to the quick-service restaurant market,”saysADELYA President JeanFrançois Novak.“With NFC loyalty cards, customers are identified immediately at the checkout. This is a key factor in restaurants, where peaks are frequent at meal times. Moreover, this year ADELYA will be integrating its loyalty service on IP/NFC payment terminals to support loyalty management direct from the terminal.”

Loyalty Operator is also available as a managed, pay-per-useSaaS service (Software as a Service), simply requiring Internet access and no initial outlay.

Customer testimonials

ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator platform is now used every day by over 50 restaurants.

So what do they think?

“Besides the usual discounts, Loyalty Operator adds value by giving each of our points of sale the ability to interact with customers in real time, through the channel of communication they choose,”explains Cédric Lacout, director of bars&co, a Bertrandgroup company.“Being able to reach consumers with the right information at the right team is a real advantage. ADELYA’s loyalty platform is driven by an NFC contactless communication rationale.”

“In brasseries and quick-service restaurants, making customers feel welcome andproviding a good service are just as important as the quality of the food,”saysLaurent Mollar, who manages Brasseries La Malterie and Flam-Flamin Toulouse“It’s critical that we keep offering our customers more. With our loyalty system, we are able to recognize and reward them, and maintain a close bond through targeted communications operations. We offer them real value at a very reasonable cost.”

“We’ve moved from a paper-based loyalty system to Loyalty Operator,”explains Ludovic Faus, who manages Brasseries Le Comptoir du Malt in Amiens.“Not only do we now have full control over our customer database with more than 3,800 loyal contacts, which is paramount for us, but we also convey a positive and innovative image by offering customers a loyalty service with a difference based on NFC contactless technology, text messaging, emailing and social networks. We’re delighted with the results.”

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