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Optical Discount chooses ADELYA for its FIDELI NFC loyalty card

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With FIDELI, Optical Discount sets out its clear vision for an NFC loyalty card enabling customers to accumulate loyalty points, gifts and promotional offers.
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Toulouse, France April 1st 2011 – ADELYA, the French start-up specializing in loyalty solutions built around mobile and NFC contactless technologies, announced today that the Optical Discount chain of stores has chosen its ADELYA Loyalty Operator NFC platform to boost customer loyalty.

An innovative concept: the best quality at the best price

With 78 quality-discount stores already operating, Optical Discount is going from strength to strength and expects to expand to 100 points of sale by year-end. From the outset, Optical Discount has built its business on an innovative concept: selling leading brands at discount prices.

Extremely popular with consumers for its low-price range of major optical brands, Optical Discount also seeks to breed loyalty and foster close customer relationships to offer them more and increase sales.

A clear objective: a closer customer relationship

In January, Optical Discount rolled out its FIDELI loyalty card with the aid of ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator platform. With this new loyalty card, Optical Discount has provided its mixed network of branches and franchises with an integrated loyalty solution that is easy to use and available as a pay-per-use SaaS service, creating a closer tie between opticians and customers.

“ADELYA’s loyalty solution offers the ease of use, flexibility, speed and innovation that our mixed network requires with a loyalty card that achieves real differentiation,” explain Stéphane Laloum and Gilles Meridgen, Optical Discount’s Co-CEOs. “Today, we are the only opticians offering a point-based loyalty system backed by a gift catalogue. Our loyalty strategy is aligned with our concept of bringing more to consumers.”

Why Optical Discount chose ADELYA Loyalty Operator

Designed for the point of sale, ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator platform was a good fit for Optical Discount’s requirements:

Unique: branches and franchises access the same loyalty platform while managing their customer database locally. So Optical Discount can build up a centralized baseline customer database.

Flexible: the loyalty service supports all types of rules. With FIDELI, Optical Discount offers a family card covering all family purchases of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Loyalty points can be redeemed as gifts or coupons.

-Integrated: the ADELYA solution allows each point of sale to accumulate loyalty points. Opticians are therefore free to instill their own interactive relationship with each customer and reward loyalty for each purchase.

Affordable: the loyalty service is available as a pay-per-use SaaS service at minimal cost to the point of sale. – Web-based: hosted in the cloud, the loyalty system is quick and easy to roll out with telephone support. The solution was up and running at all Optical Discount branches in less than two weeks.

Innovative: the ADELYA loyalty service supports both traditional loyalty cards and NFC mobile phones.

“As well as offering a good fit between our products and requirements, ADELYA listen to our needs. They oversaw the roll-out of our loyalty system from A to Z. Everything was done remotely, quickly and easily. Our points of sale are very satisfied,” says Siem Baghdadi, Optical Discount’s Network Manager. “What’s more, in the future ADELYA’s solution will allow our customers with NFC mobile phones to accumulate points and benefits from their mobile loyalty wallet.”

“In the optical market, it’s fundamental for opticians to instill a relationship of trust with each customer, because the product they’re selling is so specific. Eyeglasses are a very personal thing,” says ADELYA President Jean-François Novak. “We are delighted to be helping Optical Discount stores to create a closer relationship with their customers. Thanks to the FIDELI NFC card, the customer is made to feel important and can introduce the brand, its values and services to the rest of the family.”

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