The Nice Commerce Association (OCAN) has launched The Magical Card, an NFC Loyalty Card available in over 200 of the city’s independent shores on the French Riviera. The new card is also fully dematerialized on cityzi mobile phones.

NFC mobile services in Nice are now a reality.
Carte Magique Nice

Toulouse, France, January 12th 2012 – ADELYA, a software company specializing in NFC loyalty solutions, announced today that the Nice Commerce Association (OCAN) has launched its NFC multi-store loyalty card and deployed ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator Platform at 200 independent shops to encourage customer loyalty and engagement. Nice being the first NFC-enabled city in France, OCAN’s loyalty card is available on all cityzi NFC mobile phones through ADELYA Loyalty Avenue, a mobile web application dedicated to store location, deals and offers, and loyalty management.

Giving independent retailers the marketing punch of the big retail chains

OCAN’s mission is to favor the development of commerce and crafts in Nice through attractive offers and deals to consumers and by increasing traffic in stores. With The Magical Card, OCAN provides stores with the marketing tools they need to meet this challenge.

“We have noticed that consumers are increasingly buying on line as they are drawn to promotional offers.” explains Bernard Chaix, OCAN’s President. “It is crucial to boost the pulling power of independent shops with dedicated marketing solutions. In partnership with ADELYA, we have launched the Magical Card, a multi-store, multi-advantage card available in all “Nice Boutique” member stores. Best of all, the Magical Card is also available on all NFC mobile phones in Nice.”

How it works

The OCAN Commerce Association has provided the Loyalty Operator SaaS Platform to 200 shores so that they can post their store profile as well as their deals, private sales and loyalty programs. All information is instantly posted on Loyalty Avenue web and mobile applications, and pushed via newsletters. Loyal consumers get alerts with all the good deals and offers around their city. And OCAN is also going to post a multi-store loyalty program to reward consumers with movie, concert or car park tickets. The more you shop in your local stores, the more you get!

With The Magical Card, you can use your mobile phone

Nice is the first city in France to introduce new mobile contactless services to consumers with support from AFSCM: with a contactless phone, consumers can pay, check in, get rewards and deals, and take public transportation. In partnership with AFSCM, ADELYA has developed Loyalty Avenue, a contactless mobile app enabling consumers to check in, consult stores, and get points and rewards in every store using ADELYA loyalty solutions. Natively, OCAN’s loyalty card is available on Loyalty Avenue mobile app.

“With the Magical Card, OCAN is the first commerce association enabling Nice shoppers to experience a new mobile service with mobile coupons and loyalty cards,” adds OCAN’s Martine Garcia “At all our member stores, consumers can use their contactless phones to check in, identify themselves and benefit from rewards. This is a real innovation for independent stores to help boost sales.” 

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