Twitter and Facebook: new communication channels available from the ADELYA Loyalty Platform.

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When Loyalty Platform and Social Network meet, it enables a new type of relationship with customers: personalised, interactive, targeted.
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Toulouse, September 29th 2009 –ADELYA, a leading company specialized in contactless and mobile loyalty and marketing services, announced today that Twitter and Facebook, two of the fastest-growing social networks, have been added to the ADELYA Loyalty Platform as new communication channels. Retailers using the ADELYA Loyalty Platform will soon be able to push their marketing programs via Twitter or Facebook and receive precious instant customer feedbacks.

A contactless and mobile Loyalty Platform for new gen. customer relationship

ADELYA provides Retailers with a web-based Loyalty and CRM Platform empowered with NFC contactless and mobile technologies. Software as a Service and multi communication channels, ADELYA Loyalty Platform offers innovative and interactive marketing services including loyalty cards, couponing, gift cards, marketing campaigns, promotions, analysis and reporting. ADELYA Loyalty Platform guarantees great interactivity at the point of sale using customer preferred communication channel: sms, emailing, mail, mobile phones, social networks. Social Networks: more interaction with consumers and their ecosystems ADELYA is convinced that social networks are about to become leading communication channels for retailers and brands to interact with customers. Like mobile phones with mobile marketing, social networks will enable retailers to offer customers a more personalised, targeted, interactive relation. More and more consumers will rely on social networks to follow their favorite products and brands, benefit from targeted promotions, acquire loyalty miles and share their consumer experiences with instant tweets.

ADELYA philosophy is to constantly innovate in order to provide the most advanced and relevant technologies that will enable Retailers to improve efficiency of their loyalty and relational programs. Retailers can now benefit from a Loyalty Platform that enables social networks as a new communication channel among the already existing ones.

Use Case

Retailers using ADELYA can now offer their consumers to receive loyalty and marketing information on Twitter and Facebook (“Become Fan of” feature). Retailers will be able to provide two-way customer interactions: post their promotion campaigns via the social networks but also receive instant customer feedback and experience. It will also be possible to push targeted marketing campaigns that are exclusive to Twitter or Facebook users. There are numerous advantages for retailers: use a new yet unavoidable communication channel, interact with consumers, reach out to an extended ecosystem, raise awareness and increase sales.

“With the wide usage of social networks, it was critical to provide our customers with this new communication channel to post their marketing and loyalty programs. » explains JeanFrançois Novak, ADELYA CEO “Being an active player in NFC, mobile and web 2.0 technologies, it seems a very natural fit to integrate Twitter and Facebook features into our Loyalty Platform, helping our customers increase their customer interactivity. ADELYA is one of the first marketing software provider to add social network capabilities.”

These new social network features are currently in beta testing.

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