VITTEL Thermal Spa rewards customers with ADELYA contactless Loyalty Operator Solutions.

With above 17,000 Spa customers on board, VITTEL Thermal Spa was eager to launch a simple yet innovative loyalty program—NFC made it real.
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Toulouse, 19 July 2012 – ADELYA, a software company specializing in NFC loyalty and customer engagement solutions, announced today that VITTEL Thermal Spa, a unique wellbeing center located in the western part of the Vosges region, France, has selected ADELYA customer engagement solutions to launch its NFC loyalty program. The main goal is very straightforward: increase customer loyalty with a revolutionized loyalty card combining fast reward and cellphones.

Rewarding customers: the watchword of well-being centers

With more than 17,000 Spa customers, VITTEL Thermal Spa decided to introduce a customer engagement program to boost the spa’s activities.

“We did not what a “one-size-fits-all” loyalty card. We were looking for an innovating partner that could not only enable us to reward our customers but also get to know them, follow them, communicate with them and surprise them,” said Christian Brunet, Director at VITTEL Spa. “Following an in-depth market analysis, we selected ADELYA for best industry fit, ease of use, mobile ability, and city-pass capability. In the near future, we envision opening the Spa loyalty card to other city partners.”

The VITTEL Spa loyalty card rewards all customers with €32 spend. With fast cash-back, the loyalty card let customers save euros in a digital piggy bank available at all times on all Spa treatments and products. “Club” customers save one euro for every €10 spent and “VIP” customers—a status obtained at €600 spent—get a dual advantage. Each year-end, if the reward has not been used, the customer receives a voucher with the accumulated euros. The VITTEL Spa loyalty card also rewards birthdays and introductions of friends and family. Besides conferring loyalty advantages, VITTEL Spa can communicate with customers via email, text messaging and social networks, and engage customers on a daily basis. The ADELYA Loyalty Operator platform lets VITTEL Spa publish deals and promotions, including last-minute deals to boost Spa traffic. For example, the VITTEL Spa can launch targeted promotions to all customers living within a radius of 50 km with a super-attractive discount: “50% off day at spa tomorrow only”.

“VITTEL is a renowned French mineral water. The VITTEL Spa is a magnificent and unique place dedicated to well-being. We are delighted to have been selected for their loyalty program,” added Jean-François Novak, ADELYA President. “This reinforces ADELYA’s positioning as a unique loyalty platform that is easy to deploy—in less than 2 months—and able to manage industry-specific loyalty and customer parameters.”

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